Rapidprint AR-E Time Stamp

Rapidprint AR-E Time Stamp



Super strong construction for heavy duty applications. Used for imprinting a variety of time, date and message combinations. Prints automatically when paper is inserted. Solid-state electronic circuitry assures consistent impressions. Adjustable stamping force for multi-copy forms. Easy change ribbons advance and reverse automatically. Rugged die-cast case has a sturdy lock to prevent tampering. Solid brass typewheels provide superior imprint and durability.
Popular Applications:
  • Incoming mail
  • Attendance office / Hall passes
  • Phone messages
  • Shipping and receiving
  • Tax receipts
  • Lab reports
  • Court documents
  • Restaurant guest checks
  • Stock transaction documents
  • Parking lot tickets
Features :

RapidPrint AR-E Time Stamp Outstanding Features:

        • These date stamps are easy to use. Just insert the document and it is instantly printed with the time and date.
        • Electronic date stamps are also very fast allowing hundreds of documents to be stamped within a short period of time.
        • Unlike handwritten records, the printed record is accurate and easy to read.
        • Electronic circuitry in the RapidPrint AR-E assures dependable service, simplified maintenance, consistently clear imprints.
        • Durable brass typewheels provide superior imprints.
        • Rugged metal housing, stainless steel paper plate and sturdy case lock discourage tampering.
      • UL approved