Amano PIX-95 Time Stamp

Amano PIX-95 Time Stamp




AMANO PIX-95® Electronic Time Clock is a great solution for small businesses looking for both accuracy and reliability in a time clock solution. It replaces the AMANO PIX-55® with several improvements and enhancements.

What Are Some of the Improvements?

It has a fully segmented display that is backlit, enabling it to be read more clearly. This also makes the clock easier to set. With the higher visibility, operating the clock is simpler and more straightforward.

What Makes the AMANO PIX-95 Electronic Time Clock Hassle-Free?

The AMANO PIX-95 Electronic Time Clock has a true set it and forget it setup. It even has a battery back-up feature. This makes it a stable solution that will give it accuracy and a lifetime of reliability. It can also be incorporated with employee time clock software, which helps integrate it into your overall human resources management program easier.

Packed with Useful Time Clock Features

There’s no need to ever worry about the accuracy of this clock. It can be synchronized with the atomic clock, which ensures 100% accuracy forever. Further, it can even work on its own even if it cannot get the signal from the atomic clock. The year, month and date change automatically, so you don’t have to worry about making those important adjustments. Even daylight savings time is figured into the programming of this advanced time punch clock. The way it prints out time can be adjusted as well. It can render the time in military time and even down to the hundredths of a second. It features a cassette ribbon for easy change out, and there’s a ribbon capacity indicator to help you know when a change is coming up. It can be easily mounted on the wall or on a table, which offers the versatility of putting it in as convenient a location as possible for you and your employees. Its compact size is helpful as well because it has a small footprint and won’t take over a space in which it is set up.